About Mibo Musings

The seed for Mibo Musings (which stands for Mi (Mind), Bo (Body) Musings) was planted many moons ago with my deep desire to acknowledge the non-food aspect of weight loss. My business partner and I, along with our amazing team of coaches, run an Ideal Protein weight loss clinic called Vital Body where we offer the extraordinary food-based solution to losing weight. The weight loss protocol we administer is done with tremendous heart and soul and a deep connection to true wellness. But our team has always known deep in our bones that there is more to weight loss and living at peace with food and in your body than just a tell-me-what-to-eat-solution. Food may look like the central theme to all the weight loss problems you have, especially when you are obsessing about feeling better in your body. But in this place, Mibo Musings, I want to explore and go beyond the food solution.

A coach (a weight loss coach in our case) is there to support you to find your own answers, to be by your side as you move towards the goals you have. When we coach Phase 1 of the Ideal Protein protocol at Vital Body, we guide dieters through the technical aspects to the weight loss program needed to be successful. For the coach, there is also listening keenly, with both the head and the heart, for the holistic aspect of the program that goes beyond what to eat. The idea for Mibo Musings came from a desire to deepen this exploration with dieters everywhere.

Here, I explore what it means to build a new lifestyle from a non-physical aspect. And I always begin with the belief that you have all the answers/guidance inside you.

About Me, Zan

I come from a diverse and somewhat unique background (although we all do in our own way!). I have a Masters in Gerontology (social aspects of aging) with a focus on caring for those with Alzheimers. I worked in that field for many years, followed by 10 years in the personal development and communication field. Then my entrepreneurial spirit led me to start Zen Productivity, a company that helped executives get organized and stay focused on their deepest values. So many people are drowning in emails (sound familiar?) in today’s world.

When I lost 50 pounds with Ideal Protein in 2011 after many years of trying all kinds of self-motivated methods, like eating less and exercising more (which I now understand is crazy-making and doesn’t work for many people), I felt compelled to start a clinic “for fun”! I asked Amrita (my now business partner) to join me and we started with 2 dieters on Tuesday evenings. Three years later we were operating a full weight loss centre, and seeing over 150 dieters every week, all from word of mouth.

Then came a surprise. I got pregnant at 42. I already had a 16 year old and it was not part of the plan to have more children. Amrita and I got organized for me to have a year off to be home peacefully and to enjoy the life altering event. I was in amazing health after having lost those 50 pounds and gave birth at home with my husband catching little Simone in the bath tub.

I have always been searching for more tools to help myself and our dieters at Vital Body maintain their weight loss and find ways to truly make peace with food. From day one, it’s been crystal clear to me that mindset and alignment are key to one’s success – and that there is no magic answer or solution for how to achieve that. Many people are claiming to be able to help others fix their problems – whether it’s weight loss, relationship issues, financial problems – all the marketing strategies ask you to write down ”the problem” or to describe “the issue”. But that approach just never gelled with me. Deep down, I would say to myself, “but there’s nothing to fix!”. And there isn’t.

I have discovered from all the years of coaching that most dieters do believe that there is something to fix, that there is something wrong with them. And the belief is pretty ingrained in them.

Hence the catch 22.

Mibo Musings is all about trusting that it’s all working out perfectly, even when it doesn’t look like it. It’s being willing to learn to relax about life and enjoy what life is offering you. To know you are being shown things every day that can help you begin to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. I am proposing that you can take simple steps to catch thoughts that don’t serve you and watch your world change for the better as you learn to hone your mindset. As you get good at listening to your body and to your quieted mind, you will find the answers that are right for you – the answers are all there, you just need to be able to “see” or “hear” them.

Don’t worry if this all sounds “out there” or unfamiliar or even strange. As you begin to listen to the Mibo Musings Podcast, hear the stories of other successful dieters, or try one of the meditations we use at Vital Body for dieters, you will easily come to understand all that I mean when I say that, truly, the answers are all inside you.

I hope to be a helpful guide to you on your weight loss journey and on your path to living and designing a happy and healthy life in both mind and body long after the weight loss part of your journey is complete.

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I absolutely love what I do. I found a calling to do this work more than 3 years ago and it’s taken that long for me to define it. This work has been through many lives before becoming Mibo Musings and I am so glad for all the clarity that came along the way to building it.

I spend countless hours researching and concentrating on information that helps me develop each offering you see here. That includes interviewing and editing for the podcast and researching for the right resources to weave into this work. It is also the culmination of 9 years of coaching the Ideal Protein Protocol and building a thriving weight loss centre that focuses on “teaching people to fish”. I even took voice lessons to make sure listeners would enjoy the sound of my voice!

There is much work, enjoyable and satisfying, that goes into Mibo Musings. Your support means I can continue to create high quality content for you, Ideal Protein dieters around the globe, and to help you find your own answers on your journey.

I have designed thoughtful and useful bonuses as a way of saying thank you when you give $3 or $9 or $120 per month. From a monthly healthy lifestyle recipe from my kitchen, to a private monthly podcast based on questions patrons ask and, for our patrons at the highest tier of giving, a 45 minutes one-on-one monthly call. You can also give any amount you so desire.

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Live freely. Love freely. Trust your intuition. Trust your heart. Don’t constrain your heart. Live with love.
— Akiroq Brost