Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation: Before You Eat

It’s simple but not easy but with practice the rewards are plenty. Free guided meditation to download.

You will hear Ideal Protein Coach Gina Miller muse with Zan about mindfulness on the podcast. Gina has a deep connection to mindfulness practices and offers mindfulness classes to young children. She greets each dieter with exactly where they are at and with no judgement. You can come in feeling like crap and walk out thinking all is okay. It’s amazing!

She enjoys creating and offering simple ways to start experimenting with mindfulness for her dieters. “It does not happen overnight. But you will see that repetition of these practices changes you for the better. Makes it easier to have a choice and not be constantly taken over by reactions.” says Gina.

A wee bit goes a long way. Try this wonderful guided moment before you eat. See for yourself how it feels and how overtime it can support your weight loss journey.