Yoga with Adriene

Yoga is popular that’s for sure! And we think that’s a good thing if you can find the right studio or on line class. What is right for you?

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I know I know everyone is doing yoga. But to my credit in the 1970s my parents were doing yoga, we even had a yoga calendar in the house. No mat, no blocks, no classes, no tights – not sure what they did? Any who, if you want to feel great in your body and feel at ease doing some walking, stretching and moving around then yoga is likely a great idea.

I have taken classes at many studios for the last 20 years and depending on my mood, fitness level and energy different types of yoga and studios have been a fit. I’ve had phases of doing it with simply an audio I found, I have used you tube videos, just music and my own flow. Then I discovered Yoga With Adriene and her mantra is “find what feels good”. How amazing is that? And she really is all about that. Every video I totally feel like I can do what works for me, she gives options, ideas and if you feel pushed it’s a push to find what feels good for you. It’s the only good kind of push in yoga.

She has hours and hours of free videos on you tube. And so far none of her yoga videos have ads during the yoga. She has her dog with her in many videos too. If you love what she does you can explore her membership site that has even more videos (but you can probably go a few years using her free stuff!).

Recommendation: Try one of her 30 day series. They are 15 – 25 minutes daily videos and it’s a great way to start. You could take a 30 day series and make it 60 and do it every 2 days. Do what works for you. This series would be completely fine to do if you are in phase 1. Click Here for her 30 days of yoga on You Tube. Free!

Recommendation : Check out her wind down video for a way to end the day. Pure bliss. Click Here.

Enjoy adding gentle movement into your life and feeling better and better in your body.

PS – if you are not inspired to try yoga that’s fine! listen to your body. maybe your body would prefer a daily walk for now. let it evolve. what you enjoy now may change next year.

namaste – zan