74 year old Marcia loses 80lbs after a lifetime of dieting – Episode 1

It’s an amazing unique story and we could have chatted for 8 more hours. We will have her back on the show soon. Marcia is a smart, confident, interesting woman with a journey around food that most of us can relate to.

Interview with 74 year old Marcia. Marcia heard about our clinic from her daughter and had to wait for heart issues to be resolved before she could start the program. At age 71 she lost 80lbs on the Ideal Protein protocol, she stopped drinking and started working out at the gym. We explore the world of weight loss, maintenance and some of the struggles she faced. She talks freely about thinking she was free to eat what ever she wanted after phase 1 and how that went :). 

She has an amazing life story, a solid sense of who she is, and some great advice for others. 

This is one of my first interviews. I will interview her again because there is so much more to discover from her and I’m improving my interview skills by the minute. Hang in there with us at Mibo we are just getting started. And having loads of fun as we do it. 

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