Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation: Upon Waking

This short guided mediation is a beautiful way to wake up. Wake up 6 minutes earlier than usual and enjoy this blissful moment. You can do it lying down in bed with covers on!

Rise and shine. Greet the day and yourself with love and compassion. I know I know sounds romantic and a little too good. But seriously, you are on a weight loss journey and that includes making some lifestyle changes and having a wee bit of time for you first thing in the morning is truly good news for you, your body and the folks around you. My daughter always checks if I’ve done my meditation as she knows I’m way less grumpy. Today at bedtime she said “Mom, you forgot to do meditation this morning but you were happy all day how come?”. It’s true I love to meditate for just 15 minutes every day but it does not always happen.

SIDE NOTE: a meditation guide I follow said life is for living and you only need to meditate 15 minutes a day to quiet the mind and give yourself the benefit of flowing with and tapping into universal energy. So 15 minutes is all I do and I have no goal or ambition to do hours of meditation. For some, long meditations is something they deeply enjoy but I think it’s a barrier for many to start meditating as they think it requires hours every day.

HOT TIP: download this recording and set it as your alarm on your phone.

Let us know below in the comments what you think, as we love the feedback and we use it to give direction to our future recordings.

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