Back on Phase 1 – Episode 5

It happens to almost all of us. It’s so great to know we have a solution for losing weight but sometimes the mind is not so happy to be back on Phase 1.

It happens. Some of us have to go back on Phase 1 (almost all of us). It’s actually the design of phase 4 to have a trigger weight and pop back into phase 1 to nip the regain. We also know that we often ignore the trigger weight, stop coming in for check ins, and it can happen fast we feel like we are right back where we began. And weight wise it may be the case or even heavier than before. But you are a different person, you have new knowledge, you know you can lose weight, you are in a new present moment. Mind mastery is super important and one of the gifts of the weight loss journey, you are almost forced to review what you are thinking, what you are feeling and fine tune your focus. Listen to the podcast for some insights and musings on being a “returning dieter” and how to do it with more grace and ease.

Side note: After 4 hours of trying to edit some music into the intro I gave up. I am paying $28 US/month for a simple podcasting software that is so not working. I’ve asked for a free year after all the bugs I have found in their system. Stay tuned! For all the behind the scenes, bloopers and bonus content for Patrons check out what Patreon is all about. Click the orange button below. Thank you!

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