Trying to lose your last 10lbs on Phase 4? – Episode 6

Tempted to come off phase 1 and lose last 10 lbs with exercise and eating well. Tune in for my opinion on this! A short 8 minute musing.

It’s a short musing today but super relevant. We have many dieters that ask this. I totally understand the question. There you are feeling awesome on Phase 1, you are keen to move into phases 2, 3 and 4 and are feeling confident you will exercise and eat well forever and you are thinking you could (or should be able to) shed the last ten pounds on phase 4. We just never see that happen. Phase 4 is balanced eating and is not designed for weight loss. If you’ve not lost weight before from exercise and changes to your eating then it’s unlikely to work now. Phase 1 works like a charm, leverage it, reach your goal and then transition. Tune in for a short musing on this topic. I don’t usually have advice or strong opinions on what others should do but in this case I do. But experience is the best and for some you just have to try it and see what happens. I get it, I’m like that too 🙂 But maybe this podcast will help you see things from another point of view. The whole point is to reach your goal, enjoy the journey and feel awesome. Have fun!

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