Mindfulness with Ideal Protein Coach Gina – Episode 7

Gina’s soothing and calm voice makes us all think we can become masters at mindfulness. But she does let us know “it won’t happen overnight”. Gracious, fun and practical tools to enhance your weight loss journey.

Sometimes you just need to look at your life in a new way. Gina’s voice is calming and you can feel how she flows with life and has no judgement about where people are at. She offers practical tips and suggestions for even those that have no time!

Starting with be curious. Instead of getting frustrated, annoyed and angry with yourself try just a wee bit of curiosity. Why am I wolfing this meal down? What’s going on? Slowing it down so you can catch wind of some new ideas that lead to new solutions. 

She also is very grounded in her approach. With a little laugh she offers – oh this won’t happen over night. “This” meaning that you will be a master at mindfulness and never have any negative self talk or thoughts. That’s why it’s called a mindfulness practice she offers. You practice every day and that’s what there is to do. The results and benefits show up over time. See how it feels for yourself. 

Although there is plenty of science on this topic as Gina points out, she also reminds us to simply try it on and keep doing it if it feels good. Pretty sure catching negative self talk (“I’m gross and fat” as I get dressed) and upgrading to more chosen/mindful thoughts like “I’m taking care of myself, things are improving” could only make one feel better. 

Gina walks us through a breathing exercise, how to incorporate mindfulness when you have busy disease (that’s her term), also known as a very very full life. Building sustainable practices is the key.

And my favourite moment of the podcast is when Gina says “your breath is not fat or skinny, you can’t judge your breath”. How great is that? You may not like many of your body parts but you just can’t help but appreciate your breath. 

Gina has a personal mindfulness practice and she also teaches young children mindfulness tools as well. You can check out her offerings at Pure Optimists. Her ethically made Optimistic tshirts and tanks are simply the best. We will do another musing on being Optimistic as that is always a good thing to be. 

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