Mind Strategies for the Holidays – Episode 8

Don’t wait till a craving hits you or till the day of the staff party to be prepared. Set the stage now for a graceful and easy holiday season on Phase 1. Check out the Checklist and Worksheet as well.

Even the best of the best of dieters we’ve seen take a left turn in December. Do not underestimate the power of your environment. I recommend acknowledging that it can influence you and then plan accordingly. Set yourself up to win. Have a food plan and a what to think plan. See Checklist and Worksheet at end of this post.

What do I mean by environment? The display of advent calendars at the grocery store (i.e. chocolate), food at your office, holiday decorations, huge gift baskets at Costco, invitations to parties, time off/change in routine, visiting family, passing a bakery and breathing in the smell of baking that takes you back to your younger years, hot apple cider, gifts of homemade baking and goodies, email newsletters, ads on TV, even holiday lights. All these things can take you to a place where you forget your game plan and decide to eat something not on plan.

Eating off plan. If you are on Phase 1 you need 2-4 weeks to phase off to optimize the work you have done and be gentle on the body. The Ideal Protein protocol is a lifestyle change plan and not designed for going on and off in a moments notice. Your coach is there to work with you. If you think phasing off is the right thing for you then that is fine you simply do the phase off plan and move into healthy eating on phase 4 with fewer restrictions.

Most of you would love to stay on plan and just don’t necessarily know what it takes to do this as it’s new to you. So let’s be proactive with some amazingly simple mind strategies that can are key to staying on track, enjoying the process (versus feeling suppressed) and losing weight over the holidays.

We do tend to be lazy in our thinking and most of us have old patterns and beliefs around food that are no longer serving us and don’t help with our diet efforts. Just changing the food we eat is not enough for most people. Most people need to change the way they think. And this is possible but does not happen over night. It requires daily reminders and consciousness to catch the old thoughts and replace them with new and more satisfying thoughts. Example: Oh just one cookie can’t hurt. New thought: If I have just one cookie I will enjoy it for 1 minute and then I’m going to be so disappointed to have not stuck to my true goal to get healthy, lose weight and choose foods that make me feel good all day long not just for one minute. It’s not worth it. We recommend writing this scenario out and reading it daily so when you are faced with wanting a cookie you are prepared. Reading this when you don’t want a cookie is great. Don’t wait for a craving to hit before starting your mind strategies.

Being decisive. You want to have no debate going on in your head. That’s why you like Phase 1. It’s black and white and there’s no thinking about what you can and can’t have or how much to have. Should I eat 1 shortbread or 2 or none? It’s none on Phase 1.

I recommend the Beck Diet Solution book and workbook in many podcasts. It’s a great work book that says 6 weeks but I recommend taking your time (up to 6 months or more). Go for quality versus quantity.

Here is a simple checklist to put on your fridge or bathroom mirror. And a checklist to prepare for the holiday season to be joyous, graceful and fun.

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Worksheet

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