Missing link : The Beck Diet Solution Book

Our clients love that we recommend this book. “I feel like they were inside my head and totally understand my internal dialogue. It’s amazing.” – is the report from most clients.

The book is called The Beck Diet Solution – train your brain to think like a thin person by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D. They also created a 6 week work book to go along with it. Personally I feel you need 6 months to really get a handle of the daily tasks they recommend. In all fairness, they also so say go at your own pace despite it being called “the 6 week plan”. Counteract sabotaging thoughts, overcome weight loss obstacles and success on your diet – sounds pretty enticing!

I have done a podcast on this book and highly recommend listening to it. Go for a walk, pop the head phones in and enjoy a short 18 minute musing on this topic.

Ideal Protein is an amazing food solution with a huge commitment to lifestyle and helping people have long term results. They know that Phase 1 always works, everyone can lose weight. But the key is keeping it off and enjoying your new lifestyle. Phase 4 starts in Phase 1 really and is the heart of what an Ideal Protein coach does. But most dieters come in focused on the weight loss because that’s what’s bothering them. They know lifestyle and habit change is key but truly what is on their mind is getting rid of the weight.

We introduce the Beck book at various times of a dieter’s journey. For some it’s right away, for others it’s down the road. They need to be open to it and curious. For some the curiosity does not come until they have struggled or perhaps regained the weight and it’s the second time around that they are keen to explore the non food aspects of weight loss.

The MIND – it plays a huge part in weight loss. The Beck book is based on cognitive behaviour therapy and helps you create new ways of thinking and acting that support your goal to lose weight and feel better about yourself.

I am better podcaster than writer so please listen to the podcast and either buy this book or buy a book that inspires you. And take the time to enjoy the book you buy and explore how these concepts in partnership with a solid food plan can help you along your journey. (don’t just let it sit on a shelf ha!).

IMPORTANT: The Beck book recommends any eating plan that reduces calories. I really don’t think that’s the right food solution. I think having a solid food plan like Phase 1 or a healthy eating plan with amazing good fats in your diet is the key. If you eat too many carbs (grains and fruit included) and lower your calories you are going to feel hungry and that sucks. You want a solid food plan and a solid mind plan. Many people are working so hard on Phase 1 and ignoring the rest and others are doing all sorts of personal development but exercising and eating in ways that don’t set them up to win.

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