Missing Link : The Beck Diet Solution Book – Episode 9

Set yourself up to win the mind battle. Cognitive and behaviour strategies to counteract sabotaging thoughts and overcome weight loss obstacles.

The straight goods. If you lost weight on Phase 1 and have maintained you are likely not reading this. If you have lost weight on Phase 1 and have regained and gone back to Phase 1 you are likely getting more interested in success and the pathways to long term success.

Only focusing on what to eat is unlikely to get you long lasting results. The podcast is a simple musing on the book (The Beck Diet Solution) and why we recommend it to all our dieters. The author Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., truly understands the thinking that goes on in the mind of someone that is struggling with weight, food and uses food to feel better. You can get the book on Amazon for $22 – that’s an amazing investment and cheaper than a box of IP foods :).

Set yourself up to win and build some tools to be a successful dieter. You have found Ideal Protein Phase 1 and have an amazing food solution. Now it’s time to add some cognitive/mind and behaviour strategies to the mix and enjoy this journey even more.

Let me know what you think.

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