Moyra, client age 57, on being loving – Episode 12

You want to listen to this just because Moyra’s voice is so soothing and peaceful. She shares about her weight loss journey, the ups and downs (no pun intended), and finding peace with herself, her weight, and staying true to what feels right for her.

This was technically a phase 4 check in but we both knew it was also going to be a podcast so it’s not quite a phase 4 check in but it is. Phase 4 is an exploration, it often involves a deeper look at yourself and what truly makes you happy. We discuss discipline, yoga, being loving to yourself, carbs, the scale and much more.

I truly believe this episode can help you find your own answers. You likely will hear things a coach would say but it sounds so different coming from a client. Funny that. Take your 30 minute daily walk or sit down on the couch and enjoy. Let me know what you liked and what else you’d love to hear about.


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