Regaining. Let’s talk about it – Episode 13

This podcast is a musing about regaining. It happens. Let’s talk about it. This 20 minute episode discusses some hot tips to beat those habits that creep back in. But of course there is not one answer but each person has a sweet spot/zone where maintenance becomes natural and easy. And that sweet spot is not based on information or science, it’s based on listening to your body, flowing with with the changes in your life. It’s not static, it’s not a checklist, but rather based on tuning in, doing what is right for you. Of course your coach can offer ideas, questions, suggestions that help you and guide you to your answers. Some of it is trial and error as you experiment with what feels right for you. There is hope, it’s always working out, you just have to soften, open your heart and see it that way. Life is good, life is sweet, it truly is. Allow the divine to flow through you.




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