GLOWBall Truffles Luxe

I have had a love hate relationship with desserts and treats over the years. But it’s almost always love now as I become wiser with age.

I have a podcast about these truffles. Listen here.

Julie Beyer from Glow Chocolates is a master in the kitchen. Her heart and soul go into every chocolate and truffle she makes. She promised me they were not addictive. I had confessed to her that once I start a Lindt bar there is no stopping. She promised one would satisfy me fully and I that I would not need major mental games to stop myself from eating more. And indeed her truffle (that has no chocolate or sugar in it) tastes out of this world and satiates and satisfies a sweet tooth. And although it’s a buzz word – it’s actually healthy.
This is truly a life saviour for me as I navigate Phase 4. My sweet tooth can show up anytime and I like to have a plan. I keep 50 of these in my freezer and I have no problem with that (some foods are just not a good idea to have in bulk if you know what I mean ). Some days it passes, other days I simply need to stop and enjoy a truffle. Navigating sugar, eating in moderation, choosing healthy options (that taste good and satisfy you) and sometimes just enjoying something that you have thought is “bad” for you is all part of figuring out what works for you. What feels right for you and your body.

From Julie’s website:

Vegan | Dairy-Free | Soy-Free | No Artificial Sweeteners 

GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles™ are “guilt free”, no-sugar-added chocolate-like snacks that satisfy sugar cravings and have similar benefits to an energy bar. GLOWBalls contain NO chocolate and are made with carob (a plant that tastes like chocolate) and are only sweetened with natural organic green stevia.

We haven’t forgotten about flavour! 99% of people report they cannot taste any green stevia – just creamy delicious chocolatey decadence.

Enjoy my dear mibo friends. Ain’t life sweet.




Candles – Beeswax of course :)

A simple way to feel more relaxed is to light a candle. I do it all the time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, when working, in the bathroom, on the coffee table, while I cook, and on the patio. True, I have to remember to blow it out before leaving the house and that’s important!

I love a clean orderly home but that’s just not happening often with a little one around. See the image – that’s my work/dining table. You can see a sunflower growing next to the lap top, a kids water bottle, drawings and craft supplies in the background. Plus I see 20 library books on the coffee table. But I see my candle and all is well.

I get mine from the Kelowna Candle Factory. They have a great website and tons of info and fabulous products. Small business that ships. I love the long tapered candles in the natural colour. Sometimes at Christmas I get some coloured ones.

Treat yourself. Make sure you find a good candle maker that uses a good bees wax.




Creams and Self Care – My top recommendations

True. I’ve been a bit of a cream junkie over the years, but in a good way. Perhaps a bit pricey at times but I just love the feeling of finding that right cream, scent and texture. It’s a way to nurture my body, my skin and senses.

I will not use this post to give you a full history of all the creams I have bought but will bring you up to speed to 2019 and my latest thoughts on the best of the best.

BOOM by Cindy Joseph. Well the ads were enticing (pro-age instead of all this anti aging stuff) and I tried it out. Turns out my neighbour the same week was lured in by the ads as well and bought some too. It’s great marketing and made sense. One cream is all you need for your eyes, face, elbows, feet, legs, or any body part. Simple! And only a few ingredients in her cream. A blush that looks good on everyone imagine that! Well it sure looked good on me, but I did find that the colour did not last long but the pop of natural glow was exactly what I was looking for (just need to reapply). The cream was a bit on the heavy side so I like having a tub around for dry days but I’m a big fan of not using the same cream every day and mixing it up.

Conclusion: Thumbs up, great product, simplifies your routine and excellent ingredients. High shipping fees for Canada ($30 US) but only $4.95 if shipping in the US. It’s a small business and shipping is expensive unless you are Amazon. But it has stopped me from placing another order as there are some excellent products closer to home.


Fresh Gourmet Skin Food

I am all for finding the best of the best in your own town. A dear friend let me know about Conscious Cosmetics, hand-made on Bowen Island (small island near Vancouver, BC, Canada). The website seems a bit dated, but that means it was a built a while ago so she’s been around a while, and cut her some slack keeping up with slick marketing instead of great products is not the best idea. What they are about and the amazing ingredients require some serious investigating. I got a bit carried away and even ordered some make up. Seems these days at Farmer’s Markets you can usually find someone making potions and creams. I highly recommend trying them and seeing if they work for you as that is a win win. You will end up with less junk on your skin, fresher product and supporting a local business. But if you don’t find anything locally, for sure explore what Conscious Cosmetics has to offer.

I ordered a number of products from Conscious Cosmetics and the one that stands out is the Hand/Foot Cream. I have tried hundreds and so many seem okay at first but then stop working or don’t actually get absorbed. This one I’ve been using over a month and it’s consistently making my cracked heels feel amazing and it’s just right for my skin! This is a big deal as I’ve not been a repeat customer of hand/foot creams for any product in the last 10 years.

The lip cream has also been amazing. I love that it’s in a little jar, seems special when I put it on. Maybe not super convenient for the purse but this one I leave next to my bedside table.

The make up – well truth be told – I actually almost never where any (I like having it though ha!). It looks stunning on my bathroom shelf but I’ve not tried it yet. I thought I better do a post soon or it may be a long long time before I get to it if I wait for the make up review.

Conclusion: Amazing product, great service, great pricing, brownie points for being local, and lots of info on their site too. Will be buying again. And great shipping rates! Free if you order over $100 and otherwise $11 for US or Canada.


Bioéthique – Raw and Whole Botanical Ingredients

This little spa in Kitsilano, Vanccouver, BC, Canada has gone above and beyond. Of course, you simply never know what is going to be right for your skin but I think I can confidently say that this product has out done any other face products I have ever tried. Her certified organic line is based on research and years of study.

NOTE: these reviews are independent. I research and find and buy my own products. I am not paid or receiving any free products in exchange for my reviews. I add this note when I start raving!

I have found that any new cream is almost always good at first because it’s new and it’s a change. So I only comment after trying something for over a month. This product has only become better with time. My skin loves it, the amount of knowledge that went into the making of each product is outstanding. The herbs and ingredients are sourced from the best places in the world. So I went from Boomsilk (one cream for head to toe) to 5 bottles for a mini facial treatment day and night! Must say I love my time in the bathroom and my products and mini spa treatment. Best way to start and end the day. So yes back to multiple bottles and I love it. And boomsilk is there for my back up plan when I am short on time, options :).

Ideally you get a facial and then a specialist at the spa does a review of the best routine for your skin. But you can also email or phone with questions and they can help you select the right products for you as they now ship. I learned that you first put the serum on, then the oil, then the cream for optimal penetration of the product into the skin. I used to only put oil or serum on and alternate with cream. But it turns out the cream seals everything and helps the serum and oil get into your cells/skin. Aha!

The price is fair for the quality. I’ve paid way more for products from Whole Foods, Lancome, Clinique, Sephora and far lower quality.

Conclusion: I am all about shopping local but this is worth investing in as I feel the product is truly helping my skin not just a bit of moisturizer but a real “treatment”. The scents from the incredibly sourced ingredients are divine. I am blown away. The reviews on their site indicate that there are quite a few of us that feel the same way after years of trying different products. Bioéthique Spa.

My little tray of goodies for my face. I love my bathroom.

My little tray of goodies for my face. I love my bathroom.


A Chat with Coach Sherri Kiley from Chicago – Episode 14

Sherri Kiley is an internet friend of mine.  She owns and coaches an Ideal Protein clinic outside of Chicago – . Amazing how you can somehow find like minded folks in the massive internet ocean. She radiates happiness and as we exchanged ideas on how to run a clinic I just knew we needed her thoughts for mibo musings. 

She has some great things to say. I have pages of quotes from her like “the crux of what we do is maintenance” and “I start talking habits and maintenance on day 1 with clients”, or “its all about using Ideal Protein as a tool not a crutch”. Of course, like I always say there are no answers but there are ideas and suggestions that may resonate true for you and help you build your strong foundation of health and vitality.

I so enjoyed my conversation with Sherri, I could have chatted for hours with her. Her voice is soothing, you can hear the love she has for helping others and the strength and clarity that comes from her own weight loss story.



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