Phase 4 workshop aha moments – Episode 15

This musing reflects on some recent Phase 4 workshops we have hosted at our clinic. The workshop is an exploration into the world of phase 4 and all that it entails. Wellness is more than just what you are eating. And as clients start to look at their life in phase 4 and their deep ties to food there is always a great conversation that ensues. If there is no answer then what? What do I do about over eating? What do I do when I have no time to eat well? What do I do when I don’t have the energy to tell someone I don’t want to eat “that” and how do I find a balance for myself of pleasure and making choices that serve me. Sometimes phase 4 can feel like a battlefield, I want this but I shouldn’t eat it, why can’t I eat what I want and not gain, why do I crave things that are not good for me and on and on and on. But we have found that over time, not over night, a new balance arises for each person that engages in finding solutions that work for them.

I mention in the podcast that a must watch video is the Lynn Roos success story from Ideal Protein. She’s a rockstar that everyone can relate to. Click here to see her story and video.




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