Brian on being sick and tired of being sick and tired – Episode 16

Brian is so honest, humble, compassionate and willing to share about his journey. He was a total pleasure to coach. He’d show up with a food journal that had raisins in his oatmeal, cooked onions in his dinner and various other fun deviations. But he was so open to learn and understand why the protocol is so crisp. He had a vision, a plan and deep desire to feel better and to be his best self. He had the staff at Vital Body laughing every week.

As he started seeing his success he’d show us his old driver’s license photo that was truly a different Brian. He rolled into Phase 4 with ease and kept working this phase as much as he did Phase 1. Carving out time to meal plan, exercise and keep his mind and thoughts focused on his goal. He knew the old habits are there and that it was key that he stay active to keep that alive and energized feeling. “Just go for a walk, go around the block, don’t give in. You will feel better soon if you get outside.”.

Brian’s Phase 4 tips:

  • surround yourself around people you want to be like

  • don’t blame anyone for your results – be responsible for your actions

  • be open and curious and know that each day things get easier

  • keep practicing – it gets easier

  • allow yourself some down days but then remember to get back to what works – for him it’s about getting outside and doing a walk or anything that gets you moving

  • it happens when you are ready – for Brian it was a chat with his doctor, he was feeling embarrassed and he was unwilling to allow himself to go further down hill. He had a wake up call that he’s missing out on so much by “letting himself go” (eating poorly, not exercising and drinking)

  • focus on what you want – I want to live long and be healthy

  • It does not happen overnight. You need to trust and be patient

  • be open to re-learning and changing your thinking (includes an open heart)

  • be open to suggestions

  • and FYI – Brian completed a full year of Phase 4 (I must admit that despite setting up all our clients to really be ready for Phase 4 we have a number that don’t engage in Phase 4 the way they did Phase 1).

  • Celebrate all of your life, even the parts that were a challenge. Respect who you are, all that you have lived and who you have become.

Thank you Brian. You are the real deal, funny and truly an inspiration to others.

Brian being recognized at his work place.

Brian being recognized at his work place.


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