The art of coaching a black and white protocol – Episode 17

Let’s face it, we are dealing with food and people. There is a reason dieting is a billion dollar industry and if it were black and white and easy there would not be so much suffering about weight, food, eating, pleasure and our body. So how does a coach administer a black and white medical protocol and honour the human side of food, emotions and all that is connected to being in a physical body.

Amrita and I cofounded Vital Body (Ideal Protein Clinic in Vancouver, BC) and she was the most amazing business partner ever. She has tremendous intuition, an always open heart and connects deeply with people from all walks of life. Her insights in serving the client, how to flow with life versus forcing outcomes, and how to run a business from a heart centred approach is refreshing and up lifting.

Tune in to the podcast as we discuss coaching, how we evolved as coaches and what is the art of coaching the Ideal Protein program.

You can see Amrita’s latest body of work over at Inner Altar.


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Amrita Ahuja from  coached for 8 years and was a cofounder of Vital Body.

Amrita Ahuja from coached for 8 years and was a cofounder of Vital Body.