Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation : Before Going to Bed

Going to bed is a time to wind down, let go of the day, and allow your body to relax and rejuvenate. You got done what you got done and the rest will just have to wait. When I had my zen productivity company everyone wanted to be more productive in fewer hours. But what I noticed is what bogged people down was all the thinking about all the things they were not getting done. The focus was on that huge huge huge list of things you will likely never ever have enough time for. They might be getting amazing things done but the focus was always on not getting enough done. And with email now it’s endless.

How does this connect to weight loss? Well you likely did some great stuff today that moved you towards your goal. Perhaps you tried a new veggie, perhaps you ate lunch sitting down or perhaps you took a deep breath before eating. The weight loss journey includes trying new things to have a new relationship to eating, food and your body. For sure there’s some info that can really help, for example eating a fruit is better than having just juice. But here at Mibo Musings we are looking mostly at the non food aspect of weight loss.

Here is a wonderful gift you can give yourself every day before going to bed. Enjoy!

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation: Upon Waking

Rise and shine. Greet the day and yourself with love and compassion. I know I know sounds romantic and a little too good. But seriously, you are on a weight loss journey and that includes making some lifestyle changes and having a wee bit of time for you first thing in the morning is truly good news for you, your body and the folks around you. My daughter always checks if I’ve done my meditation as she knows I’m way less grumpy. Today at bedtime she said “Mom, you forgot to do meditation this morning but you were happy all day how come?”. It’s true I love to meditate for just 15 minutes every day but it does not always happen.

SIDE NOTE: a meditation guide I follow said life is for living and you only need to meditate 15 minutes a day to quiet the mind and give yourself the benefit of flowing with and tapping into universal energy. So 15 minutes is all I do and I have no goal or ambition to do hours of meditation. For some, long meditations is something they deeply enjoy but I think it’s a barrier for many to start meditating as they think it requires hours every day.

HOT TIP: download this recording and set it as your alarm on your phone.

Let us know below in the comments what you think, as we love the feedback and we use it to give direction to our future recordings.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation: Before and After Weighing in

Meditation synonyms:
contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation, rumination, brooding, reverie, concentration.

Nothing too out there or crazy, just a few moments for you. Extra time to focus on you, your goals, your wishes and as you do it feel more relaxed. Not a bad deal. For many clients weighing in on check in day or on your own scale can bring on a world of frenzy from under eating the day before, feeling panic, feeling stress and anxiety. Finding a neutral place with your weight, the number on the scale is super important to the bigger picture of reaching your goal and feeling comfortable in your body. These very short (under 2 minutes) guided meditations are for you to have a few moments to breathe, reflect and stay true to what is really important to you. That is to say not letting the number on the scale determine if you are a good or bad person or if you should have a good or bad day.

From our experience many clients face a dilemma of how to start putting themselves first. How to truly take care of yourself. You don’t need3 hours a day to meditate, you can start with a few minutes here and there and see what happens. Coach Gina from Vital Body (our Ideal Protein Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic) has recorded these with you in mind. They are soothing, gentle and fun. Plug in your head phones into your phone and you can do this when waiting for your check in and right after.

Search meditations on our resource page to find our other recordings for waking up, before going to bed, and for before eating.

Feel free to share, download and enjoy. Let us know what you think. There is a comments section below.

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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation: Before You Eat

You will hear Ideal Protein Coach Gina Miller muse with Zan about mindfulness on the podcast. Gina has a deep connection to mindfulness practices and offers mindfulness classes to young children. She greets each dieter with exactly where they are at and with no judgement. You can come in feeling like crap and walk out thinking all is okay. It’s amazing!

She enjoys creating and offering simple ways to start experimenting with mindfulness for her dieters. “It does not happen overnight. But you will see that repetition of these practices changes you for the better. Makes it easier to have a choice and not be constantly taken over by reactions.” says Gina.

A wee bit goes a long way. Try this wonderful guided moment before you eat. See for yourself how it feels and how overtime it can support your weight loss journey.